You'll be given a URL to your site as well as an "admin" username and password.  Login and change the password to something secure.  Use the following steps in the following order to successfully build your application.

Each step links to the relevant documentation; links open in a new tab/window so you can easily return here. You should also read all of the documentation at some point; this is just the minimum you need to deploy a site. 

Missing documentation?  Help us write it!  Submit suggested text via comments or site feedback.

Basic Site Setup

  1. Name your site
  2. Add badges that readers can win (or import)
  3. Add prizes that readers can win (or import)
  4. Add branches that readers can choose on the signup form (or import)
  5. Add schools that readers can choose on the signup form (or import)

Program Setup

  1. Set up Programs and Levels based on your planning worksheet
  2. Add Activities and Secret Codes to each program (or import, then add to programs)

Site Customization

  1. Add custom logo
  2. Change color scheme
  3. Add custom text to site footer

Final Steps

  1. Set up "Librarian" accounts for colleagues to use for day-to-day operations
  2. Test your programs thoroughly