May Site Check-In

Hope everyone is getting excited about debuting their 2017 Summer Reading sites later this month or in June. As we scroll through the sites, we're starting to see some great work. Please find a few examples of inspiring sites in progress from three libraries below.  Nice work Thousand Oaks, Contra Costa County, and Solano County library systems for your creativity thus far. We're sure there will be more to come!

At this point in time, we hope that you:

  • Log in and start to upload and customize your site badges, logos, and color schemes
  • Set up your basic programs and levels
  • Sign up for a 1on1 Appointment web meeting to customize your fields, if needed
  • Sign up for an Office Hour webinar for any pending questions or how-to demonstrations not covered in Documentation
  • Submit a Help Ticket for any pending issues, allowed 24-72 hours for resolution
  • Email with any questions or concerns!