Changing the "Get More Points" Links


On the /read interface for users, within their point score boxes, there are links to "get more reading points" and "get more activity points."

These links can be changed -- but only by RBD staff behind the scenes.  Please email with your site name and site number, along with the destination for each "get more" link.

For "get more reading points," we suggest that you create a single site-wide Basic Page describing how each program earns reading points.  You can title that page something useful, such as "Earning Reading Points" and give it a path such as "YOURSITE/help/reading-points."  Reminder: there can be only one destination, so you must describe all your "how to earn reading points for your program" on the same page.

For "get more activity points," you can create a similar page, OR just have us link that to the existing "Activities" page.  This link is just another way for users to find out what possible Activities exist.