Cleanup & Orphans modules

We've added an Admin - Cleanup module that enables Admins to easly and safely revert or remove activities, prizes, badges or reading log entries (which can include books, pages, minutes, etc). Scroll to the bottom of the admin sidebar. The Orphans modules allow Admins to tody up leftover badges or prizes that may be leftover if a reader has been deleted.

Here's a quick look through what each Cleanup function does.

screenshot of the sidebar module


Cleanup - Activities Claimed


The first module can remove any activity for which a user has received points or other credit.  Search for a Reader for by First or Last Name, or account creation date. Click Apply and you'll see a filtered list of users. Select one or multiple activities from the list, choose "delete item" from the drop-down menu and then click the Execute button.


The confirmation screen will ask you to make certain you want to perform this action. Once the deletion is complete you will be returned to the page you came from.

Cleanup - Reader Badge


This page allows you to remove badges that may have been given accientally or as a result of some other accidental extra points. You can search bu reader first or last name or by the name of the badge. If you have madges with multiple word names, you can use single words to find any badges which include that name. So searching for turtle will find badges names turtle 1 and turtle 2. This page also includes a link to the Reader's profile page for ease of lookup.


The deletion procedure is the same, however you will only see the badge number on the deletion page not the name of the badge.

Cleanup - Reader Prizes

Cleaning up prizes operates the same way. You can search for a Reader by first or last name and you can also search by the date or date range given when the prize was awarded. Make sure you enter your dates in YYYY-MM-DD format. You can also search by prize name and there is a link to the prize reference page if you need more information.



The deletion procedure is the same as for the other sections.


Cleanup - Reading Log Entries

Cleaning up reading log entries allows you to remove reading log entries which may be books, minutes, hours, fractions of hours, or whatever you are using in your program. You can search by Program which is a freeform text field and will search for any word within the Program title. The deletion procedure is the same as for the other sections.