Add Prizes

Adding Prizes

  • From the Setup Menu, select Prizes
  • Click the Add Prize button
  • Name your prize in the Title field
  • Add an optional Prize Description 
  • Skip the Program Reference field (unless you already have your Programs set up and are going back to add additional prizes)
  • Add a Prize Message (the user will see this)
  • Click the "Save" button

 You can also import prizes from a spreadsheet

To edit prizes at a later time, click Prizes in the Setup menu then the Edit button. 

Please Note:  There is no DELETE PRIZE option available, so add your prizes carefully. If you end up with a prize you don't need, simply re-name it Don't Use or similar in the Title and Prize Message fields (required)  and make sure to delete any program reference. If this changes, we will update. Thanks!

 Deleting a Prize

We hide the Delete capability to make it harder for Prizes to be accidentally deleted.

To delete a Prize, you must login with your admin account.  Then visit:

This page lists all of your Prizes.  This page has tabs at the top, including "EDIT" and "DELETE" -- do NOT click these tabs.  Do NOT click the CAPITAL "EDIT" or "DELETE" tabs.

Instead, look in the list -- each row has a lowercase "edit" and "delete" link for each individual Prize.  Use THESE "delete" links to delete a Prize.