Reports & Wrap-up

We're rolling out reports! Some are still in beta but we want to make sure you have the numbers you need. Here is a summary of the reports so far, and explanations about how to use some of them below.

  • Badges Reports - outlines badges earned by program, in sortable lists
  • Book Reports - will show books read by reader (both titles and totals) and you can limit this by reading program. There is a tab for Top Books and one tab for raw explortable data
  • Email List Exports - exportable list of patron emails, limitable by program. Please read details on the page for further information.
  • Engagement Reports (beta) - this will show users (with number of readers) by the date they signed up. Other tabs show Reading entries by date and number of logins by date, sortable by program
  • Points Reports (Top & Summary) - this allows you to find top points by program and branch as well as top readers by program and branch
  • Prize Reports - list prizes won by reader, program or branch, also exportable in raw data with many limiting features
  • Reader Reports - powerful report tool to list or export lists of readers based on many limiting criteria and filters
  • Reading Reports - displays the total number of units read per program, can be limited by branch or any data limits
  • Report Base - Activity Logs - will let you view the non-reading activities and codes and how often each was claimed, sortable by program and branch.
  • Signup Reports - Readers - gives you numbers for readers whose users signed up on a given day (i.e. if one user signed up three readers you'd see three signups on that day)
  • Signup Reports - Users - similar to the above except for users only

Below are the currently available report options. Let us know (via a help ticket) if there's something not currently here that you'd like to see. You can also view the current help tickets labeled REPORTS to see what's pending. 


1. Reader Reports - data on the number and type of readers by Age, by Branch, All (Reader Reports tab), Grade, and School. Select the tab for the data you wish to search. Enter your search parameters and click the Search button. 



2. Reading Reports - data on the reading and activities that your readers are completing. Note: The default display is "units" so that may mean minutes for one group and books for another. This report has a Summary tab and other tabs for Top Readers, Branch Summary and a Base page where you can limit by end date but also make some small modifications.



3. Report Base - Points - here you can search by branch and program. Simply start typing the name of the branch and select one or more programs, then click Search



3. Patron Email List - will let you view or export a list of readers sorted by program. Click the orange CSV button at the bottom of the page to download the report and open in any spreadsheet software.