Disabling New Registrations

If you want to disable registration, but still allow users to log in, follow these steps. You can also leave a custom message for users.

To disable registrations, login as an Admin and go to this address


Set the "Who can register accounts?" option to "Administrators only" and click "Save Configuration at the bottom.

Next, go to


Click the "Disable rich text" link below the text entry box field to go into "code view."  Then delete everything in that text box.

If you want to leave a custom message, click the "Enable rich text" link below the text box to go back into normal view.  Type a message like "Registration is now closed!"

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save Block" button to save your changes.

Please note: it can take a few minutes for this to "take effect" since our websites are cached for non-logged-in visitors. So if you don't see the changes right away, come back in a few minutes and look again.