2016 Program Timeline

January // Program Planning and Training Kickoff

Librarians will participate in a planning webinar to plan their reading games and summer programs.  We'll also have active discussions on the mailing list.

Visit the event calendar for January and select one of the planning workshop times to RSVP for a workshop.  You only need to attend one.

February - March // Program Setup; Customization Training

The RBD team will build your programs for you in the software application based on the program plans you completed.  The bulk of the programs will then be set up for you already when you receive the password to your new site.  By having this "setup service" provided for you, you'll have more time to focus on *customizing* your online programs to work how you want them to in your libraries, rather than spending time building them out initially.Our goal is to deliver these mostly-set-up sites for you by late February or early March.  We'll announce sessions for the *customization* training -- which, again, should be easier than the planned *buildout* training -- shortly.

April // Program Testing; Staff Training

By April, each library should be ready to start using their respective applications.  Each library should conduct a small-scale runthrough of their reading programs, with different staff acting as kids, parents, staff, etc.  In addition, libraries should conduct training for the rest of their staff through this period.

May // Program Launch

Most of our libraries' reading programs are anticipated to begin in May.  RBD program staff will be available to provide support in the event of "go live" problems.

June - August // Program Continues

RBD program staff will be available to provide support throughout the summer.

September // Program Wrapup

As a group, we'll share our experiences, lessons learned, and begin initial planning for 2017's program.  RBD program staff will (tentatively) conduct one or more webinars about compiling statistics using the application's built-in reporting features.