Hybrid/Paper Data Entry

There are two main options for assisting with adding points and activities from a library staff perspective. Before using either of these methods, consider encouraging users and readers to use the public interface to add reading and activities on their own. 


In the PAPER/DIGITAL HYBRID model, library staff enter points for existing readers via a Librarian login.  Please follow the instructions on the Managing Users and Readers Page > Managing Reader Activities/Points.


In the PAPER DOMINANT OPTION library staff user the PUBLIC INTERFACE to log on with a LIBRARIAN-CREATED USER LOGIN and add points/activites to PAPER-ONLY READERS.  These instructions should be used when library staff will be the ONLY ones logging in with this user and adding points for the associated readers.

For example: User=AthertonBranch Readers=JohnDiaz, JoanDiaz, JimmyJones, JanieJones, etc.  

1. Library staff receives completed paper log.

2. Library staff logs on as AthertonBranch user, using the PUBLIC INTERFACE. 

3. Library staff locates the appropriate reader by clicking on that reader's name. 

4. Library staff enters the activities/reading for each reader in lieu of a parent/user.