BookPoints Features: Reader Perspective

Let's examine the BookPoints application features from the reader perspective.  The image below shows the Reader Dashboard, the main interface for readers.

annotated image of Reader Dashboard interface

  1. "Prize Notice" informs readers if they have earned a prize to be collected.  This notice disappears when a librarian marks the prize "claimed" using the Librarian interface.
  2. "Reader Switcher" allows user to switch between different family reader accounts.
  3. "Reading Log" allows user to enter and rate books, and log their minutes, pages, etc.
  4. "Points" are earned by reading and completing activities and/or secret codes.
  5. "Secret Codes" can be given out at events or hidden around the library so readers can earn bonus points and badges.
  6. "Activities" can be completed by the reader to earn bonus points and badges.
  7. "Digital Badges" are earned by reading, completing activities, or manually awarded by Librarians.
  8. (not pictured) "Drawing Tickets" are earned by reading and give readers eligibility for weekly or end-of-summer prize drawings.