Creating and Managing Accounts for Library Staff

Managing User Accounts

Every library has different needs for how they manage their BookPoints site so there are different ways you can manage your staff accounts.

Smaller libraries: a smaller library might have just a single librarian that sets up BookPoints using the default SetupAdmin account. She can then create staff accounts for herself and her colleagues.

Larger libraries: a larger library might have a team of several people working together to setup their site. Each would have their own "admin"-level account. Once the site is set up, an admin can create staff accounts for every librarian in the organization before beginning staff training.

User "Roles"

There are three levels of access, or "Roles," in the BookPoints application:


Used for initial setup of programs, customizing design, and adding Librarian accounts for staff.


Used for day-to-day operations by staff, such as awarding prizes to patrons or viewing reports.


Used by patrons to access their individual or family reader profiles.


Adding Your First Staff User

To add users, select "Staff Accounts" from the Setup Menu.  You'll see a list of accounts.  Select the "+ Add User" option at the top of the screen.  Complete the add-user form as shown below.

If you are adding a new member of your setup team, who will need Administrator-level access, give the new user both the Administrator and the Librarian Roles.

If you are adding a staff person who is not part of your setup team, and this person only needs day-to-day operational access, give the user only the Librarian Role.

Click the "Create New Account" button at the bottom to save the user.

image of "Create Staff" page