Summer Reading Activity and Secret Code Inspiration

Activity Ideas

BookPoints allows libraries to add Activities to the Summer Reading Program, beyond reading itself.  Here are some great ideas for Activities that you can configure in your BookPoints system:

  • Create activities corresponding to each of your usual summer kids activities, such as crafts or cooking club.
  • Make a mini-library scavenger hunt.
  • "The Book Was Better" - for Readers that read a book and saw the movie based on the book.
  • "Online Reader" - read a book online using an e-reader, tablet, or even a public library computer.
  • "Music Fan" - have a singalong or play a musical instrument with your family.
  • "Board Game" - play a board game at the library (or at home).
  • "Animal Safari" - Learn about an animal that you might see at the zoo.
  • "Get Moving!" - Exercise with a family member for 15 minutes.
  • "Much Culture" - Visit a museum, art gallery, or a different library.
  • "Social Star" - Take a "selfie" while holding your favorite book.
  • "Future Chef" - help a parent prepare and serve a meal.
  • "History Lesson" - Ask an older relative what their favorite book was at your age and to tell you about it.
  • "Art Time" - Draw a picture of your favorite park, playground, or place to play in your town.

Secret Code Ideas

Secret Codes can be used for "proving" the reader did something, like attending an event: "STORYTIME33" for story-time attendees, as an example.  Or, print out "Secret Code" papers and hide in books or around the library for readers to find.  Here are some examples:

  • UPUPDOWNDOWN - Hide in a book or movie about video games.
  • WIMPY32 - Hide in one of the Wimpy Kid books.
  • HORCRUX39 - Hide in a Harry Potter book or DVD case
  • STEM1337 - Post in your makerspace.

Construct secret codes for any book by using the author name - or an interesting reference from the book - and a random number.  Example:

    • ADAMS42 for a Hitchhiker book
    • FUNK182 for How to Code a Sandcastle

Adult programs can benefit from Secret Codes too!  Consider adult themes like book club, wine club, or regional baseball teams.

Make a Secret Code that's only available to patrons that visit a local museum or gallery partner.